MacMuse are a tribute to the fantastic live experience of the rock band Muse. Formed in 2017 and hailing from Scotland, the lads are passionate fans of the band, applying careful attention to detail in faithfully recreating the sound and attitude of the real thing.
Muse are a band that defy genre with a vast and continually growing repertoire of songs, With classics such as Plug In Baby, Uprising, Hysteria, Starlight, Time is Running Out and many more, these boys will amaze you with their performance.
If you’re a fan of the real thing or generally just wanting something a little bit different, then this is for you, an opportunity to enjoy a Muse experience in a more intimate setting than the large stadiums and major festivals that these days Muse usually require.
Incorporating video and a few surprises thrown in for good measure, come and experience the glittering spectacle that is MacMuse - screaming falsettos, thundering bass, all the weird Muse sounding guitars, keys, drums, guarantee a high energy space rock extravaganza that will leave you gasping for breath.