RadioTed- Radiohead tribute.

UK tribute to RADIOHEAD

Herb Michael's
Chris Picton
Will Birchall
Steve Atkinson
Les Roberts
Radio Ted
The bones of Radio Ted were laid on a Friday during a long conversation between lead singer Herb Michaels and bass player Les Roberts. Let down because pop was dead and discussing their love of Radiohead they thought it might be an interesting challenge to form a tribute.
It was lucky that seasoned men of war and old band mates Steve Atkinson on drums and Chris Picton on guitar and keys were available. Yet the band was high and dry if they couldn't make two plus two equal five.
Young Will Birchall auditioned for the final roll as Jonny and amazingly the jigsaw fell into place because anyone can play guitar.
No longer daydreaming there were no surprises when Radio Ted crept into reality.
One day we may hear our own exit music and disapear completely but for now Radio Ted are the most authentic Radiohead tribute in Europe.