Black Celebration (Depeche Mode tribute)

Black Celebration is The Definitive Tribute to Depeche Mode.
Based in the bands own Prophecy Studios situated in South Cheshire, Black Celebration lovingly analyse, program and perform such anthems as Enjoy the Silence, Never Let Me Down Again and the globally recognised Personal Jesus along with the very best tracks from Depeche Mode's 36 years of creating perfectly alternative pop.
Live, there are few bands that perform with the passion and intensity that BC generate during their shows. Whether it's the perfect pop of Just Can't Get Enough or the pop perversion of Master & Servant, the shear brilliance of Stripped and Walking In My Shoes, or the guitar heavy I Feel You, each track is finely honed to recreate that Depeche Mode experience. From the energetic, engaging and twirling front man Dave Gahan to the sweetly sinister ballads of Martin L. Gore, Black Celebration leave no stone unturned. Expect all the greats plus a selection of the very best B-sides and album tracks, including songs you have never heard Depeche play themselves or never will again.
Having amazed fans around the country with their style and swagger it truly is something not to be missed. If you see one Depeche Tribute in your has to be "Black Celebration - The Definitive Tribute to Depeche Mode". They have to be seen to be believed!